Thursday, 12 August 2010

Staggeringly Good

Like most blokes* my man is pretty clueless when it comes to the intricacies of wedding planning. The vast majority of wedding related companies and resources are aimed at the Bride and the poor Groom is left to watch in bewilderment as his beloved's plans unfold before his very eyes.

Well not any more! Staggered is a fabulous resource for all grooms (and brides) to be. It is crammed full of advice and information about all aspects of planning a wedding, from what to expect at the wedding ceremony, to how to write your wedding speeches, to wedding suits for men and lots, lots more.
It also has an entire section devoted to stag do ideas, but the less we know about that the better (!) and a very useful suppliers' map.

Boys, get yourselves over there now; girls, the more time they spend on there, the more time you can spend poring over the latest wedding magazine or looking at pieces of pretty on the interweb! xx

* I know this is a sweeping generalisation; but it is also true. 99% of the time. 


  1. Thanks Kim!

    By the way, I'm all for sweeping generalisations (women can't drive/map-read/only ever want to shop...) but blokes are progressively getting involved in wedding planning.

    I don't just say that as my business and mortgage payments depend on it but I think it's one of them wider social trend thingummys I read about in The Guardian.

    Our theory is this: 10 years ago weddings were still being paid for by the father of the bride. No bloke in his right mind is going to tell his father-in-law how to spend his money, so the wedding was all about the dad creating his daughter's dream day.

    In 2010 around 70-80% of couples will be footing the bill for the wedding themselves (I may have made that stat up but it's pretty high). Therefore, blokes are increasingly feeling that if they're spending £10-20k of their money on something they're way more likely to want a say. And maybe to get a nice suit out of it.

    We're certainly not of the opinion that the wedding is no longer about the bride's dream day, it is and I don't think any groom would want to change that but there's definitely a whiff of change in the air. But that could just be me.

    Apologies, didn't mean to bang on, it's just a favourite axe of mine to grind :)

  2. Absolutely; I quite agree and that's why it's great to see websites such as this popping up to give grooms the opportunity to have their say!